5 Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Everyone Should Be Using By Now

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used programs in the world, and it’s due to the number of options and tools it comes with, which are great when it comes to helping you solve or add any information, formula or statistics you may need to the file. Therefore, here are a few of the Microsoft excel add-ins everyone should be using by now:


Excel is a program that greatly benefits the accountants or anyone who needs to carry calculations or statistics, and thanks to the formatter tool, we all have been blessed. This tool can be used to solve any type of operation where your formula is very large, by helping you simplify the formula in order to solve it.


This tool will help you to remove any information, numbers or aggregated data that may be duplicated. Thanks to this new add-in, the Excel program, now detects them and gives you the option to decide if you want to delete them or simply move them.

Stock Connector

This tool undoubtedly surprised everyone when it was available in the last Microsoft Excel update. Stock Connector is a tool where you can have a direct control of stock exchanges all over the world. You can even have updated information of any stock or specific movement in the world.

To-Do List Pro

This tool also proves Excel can do anything and everything. With this add-in, you can create lists of things you need to do, and take control of the things you have to do and solved them shortly.


This is an option that Microsoft Excel offers you in its latest updated version, where you can have any type of information, data or territorial statistics of any country in the world you need. You can even locate them by zones! It’s one of the most used tools by any tourism company or marketing company who may carry worldwide statistics for the study of one of their products.

Excel is very useful for any company, but without a doubt, with the release of new tools like these, they are simplifying any information or formulas that have to be solved. We will be waiting for new innovative programs like these in the near future.

3 Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Which Will Undoubtedly Boost Your Productivity

Excel has many add-ins which are a great help to all, whether it may be professionals or students. Microsoft has been responsible for creating programs that benefit us in a way that undoubtedly, simplifies our work. That’s why they are one of the best companies in the world. Therefore, here are some Microsoft Excel add-ins that will undoubtedly increase your productivity:

Power User

Microsoft Excel has been launching some tools for more than 5 years, which can benefit the control and productivity of your business or project. One of them is the Power Query where you can have information for any analysis you may need. You can even search for sources and bring them to Excel.

Power Pivot is another great tool, where you can request any data characteristics. You can even make massive information analysis, while in Power View you can make reports and specialized analysis studies, with data and more details.


Now, Excel also has the tool to send e-mails directly from Excel file to your mail in PDF format or in a traditional way. You can also select what you want to send to your email directly from the open file, by simply shading the text, and selecting Send. In order to do this, you must install RDBMail to be configured in your Excel program.

Duplicate Finder, and Eraser

This is a tool where Excel will send an alert to any spreadsheet that may be duplicated and gives you the option to delete it or save it. It’s a good way to help you find the specific file you are looking for without getting all stressed out.

We have to adapt to the innovative programs or tools which are currently emerging, and without a doubt, Excel is one of the programs that is creating innovative and very useful complements. There is a tool which can help you control the stock exchanges in the world! That’s crazy. That’s why Excel remains one of the best programs in the world.

4 Microsoft Excel Add-Ins to Have a More Visually Engaging Spreadsheet

We know, sometimes it’s difficult to take a neat control of the things we add in any spreadsheet when using Excel. There even are people who always make a mess with it because they don’t know how to properly manage the program. Therefore, here are some tips so you can visually improve your spreadsheets and not be a complete disaster:

Free PickIt Image Tool

It’s a tool that is already available in the most recent Microsoft Excel program, where you can add any type of images to your spreadsheet, without any complications. This will make your entire spreadsheet look more appealing and organized.

Web Video Player

In case you have to add any video to your spreadsheet, do not think it’s impossible, because Excel already has the solution. Now Microsoft Excel has created a new tool called Web Video Player, which allows you to do it. You can even add Youtube videos to the spreadsheet without the need to leave the file open to search the video on the internet or in your computer.

Chart Labeler

With this new tool that you can find in Excel, you can add special labels to the graphics, which was something you couldn’t previously do. Now you can add information within the graphics you want and have everything organized and neat in order to have a better understanding of the data.


It’s one of the funniest tools you can find in Microsoft Excel, where you can now give color to the spreadsheets. You can use more than a single color, as you can use several on the same sheet to have categories, or unique designs.

It’s important that we know how to handle Excel correctly. On the contrary, if we don’t know, or if we only know the basic things, we will always have the information disorganized in a way only you will be able to read the data, but not everyone else. Therefore, follow these tips and you will not have any problems.