3 Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Which Will Undoubtedly Boost Your Productivity

Excel has many add-ins which are a great help to all, whether it may be professionals or students. Microsoft has been responsible for creating programs that benefit us in a way that undoubtedly, simplifies our work. That’s why they are one of the best companies in the world. Therefore, here are some Microsoft Excel add-ins that will undoubtedly increase your productivity:

Power User

Microsoft Excel has been launching some tools for more than 5 years, which can benefit the control and productivity of your business or project. One of them is the Power Query where you can have information for any analysis you may need. You can even search for sources and bring them to Excel.

Power Pivot is another great tool, where you can request any data characteristics. You can even make massive information analysis, while in Power View you can make reports and specialized analysis studies, with data and more details.


Now, Excel also has the tool to send e-mails directly from Excel file to your mail in PDF format or in a traditional way. You can also select what you want to send to your email directly from the open file, by simply shading the text, and selecting Send. In order to do this, you must install RDBMail to be configured in your Excel program.

Duplicate Finder, and Eraser

This is a tool where Excel will send an alert to any spreadsheet that may be duplicated and gives you the option to delete it or save it. It’s a good way to help you find the specific file you are looking for without getting all stressed out.

We have to adapt to the innovative programs or tools which are currently emerging, and without a doubt, Excel is one of the programs that is creating innovative and very useful complements. There is a tool which can help you control the stock exchanges in the world! That’s crazy. That’s why Excel remains one of the best programs in the world.

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