Microsoft Excel for Dummies – Every New User Should Already Know These Features

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used programs from Microsoft. It has existed for more than 30 years, but despite this fact, many people have not learned to handle it. Without a doubt, handling Excel is something indispensable for most office workers, or sometimes, in university. Therefore, here are some tips that every new Excel user should already know:

Microsoft Excel – What is this?

Microsoft Excel is a program offered by Microsoft Company, which contains a spreadsheet where you can make any type of formula, operations, and statistics, or even add lists or information in a more detailed way. Excel offers the advantage of being able to do the calculations by itself if the right formulas are applied.

Who can use it?

We can all use Excel, and in some jobs, it’s indispensable knowing how to use this program in order to do your job. But normally, those who use Excel the most, are accountants, administrators, investors, marketing workers, among others related disciplines. It also has many functions which can be useful in any profession.


Excel is designed for different main uses. One of them is the application of cells in the calculation sheets. In them, we can add any type of numbers or words. You can solve operations, where you put the formula, and Excel will show you the result. It also works in the same way with the statistics or any mathematic operation you may want to solve.


The cells can be ordered by rows or columns, but it’s something optional. According to the order we choose the cells, any type of formula or numerical operation can be applied, where the final result would be exact and perfect.


Microsoft Excel offers the Tab option at the bottom of the spreadsheet, where you can customize the style of the sheet, or have several categories and spreadsheets in the same workspace. It’s a helpful way to handle lots of archive at the same time. This will help the computer RAM to run at its best without reloading the files every time you are placed on it.

It’s never too late to learn how to use Excel, and it doesn’t matter if you are 15, 20 or 50 years old. It will always be a great advantage for you to have a good management of this program because it has so many tools and functions that can even help you, and simplify your work.

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