The 4 Most Obnoxious Mistakes to Encounter in a Poorly Made Microsoft Excel Sheet

Microsoft Excel is a program that not everyone can use fluently, which in reality we should all learn because it’s a great help for anything you should do at work, especially if you work with things related to accounting, statistics, and more. Therefore, here are 5 of the most obnoxious mistakes to encounter in a poorly made Microsoft Excel sheet:


Microsoft Excel often throws “error” in whatever you may want to select or do. Actually, this notification can be very helpful, as it appears when you are adding negative data, or the value you add cannot be calculated in that cell since it doesn’t have the same size as the other one. Once you get the trick to the program, it will be easier to handle the errors.

Circular References

This is a common problem in Excel, which is when the program throws error to any infinite calculation that you are trying to solve. This happens as the program itself cannot give a result because the cell only refers to itself (that’s the function of circular references). Every now and then you may have this problem without even noticing, but the notification will let you know when you are doing something wrong.


This word appears when the calculation you want to do doesn’t have the correct formula because of lack data or you just have to check the numbers that you’re adding to see if they are correct. Keep in mind that Excel is almost never wrong about the results and formulas applications.

Long names or numbers

This is also a common error when you are working in Excel, making lists or any type of information you may want to add. This error shows up when you write very long texts, so you always have to try to cut or shorten any type of information you are adding. It also happens with formulas that are very long, it’s impossible for the program to read them and throw a result. Check again all the information before submitting it to the sheet to save some time.

Excel is a really easy program to use when you learn how to handle it, therefore, it’s worth spending a couple of hours getting familiarized with its options and functions, so you can acquire more knowledge in the matter, and do any type of work you may need. Thanks to Microsoft Office, Excel is evolving and becoming a more complete and easy to use app.

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