6 Microsoft Excel Tips Which Will Take You from Random to Pro In No Time

Microsoft is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and their programs are the most used in any job worldwide. One of them is Microsoft Excel software, and most people fail to know the basic tricks to handle Excel files. Therefore, we have some tips which will take you from random to pro in no time:


In Microsoft Excel, you can form cells to store any type of information you may want to use. If you don’t know how to do this, you just have to shade and click, dragging the number of cells you want to create.

Copy and paste

Although this can be very complicated for some people, it’s really easy to paste any information, such as numbers or text inside a cell. You should just press Ctrl+C to copy the information, and Alt+E+S+V to paste.


Another easy-to-use feature is inserting and creating tables. You have to press “Menu” at the top of the window, click “Style”, and check the option “Table format”.

Change any format

If you want to change the format to add any content in the cells, you just have to click Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+N if you want to change it to “bold”, to underline the text you have to press Ctrl+4 or Ctrl+S, and to cross it out, you must press Ctrl+5.


It’s another option where you can keep any information in order, whether it’s a control sheet, or functions and other mathematical operations you may be carrying out. You can have the total number of any operation or any data percentage you may be adding. It’s a very helpful option since you won’t have to perform any manual mathematical operation.

How to Efficiently Print

We all have experienced problems when trying to print a sheet from Excel, but not anymore. The best way to print in an efficient way, and master the trick to always print what you actually want to print, comes with taking the time to get used to all the printing options available. Be conscious of the print preview and adjust the margins to fit all the information you need to print in the sheets.

Microsoft Excel is a great help to anyone, especially those who have to perform mathematical operations or get percentages or data. It’s a tool that worth taking the time to learn to use it since it will solve a lot of your problems. In addition to these small tips, there are also others you should learn about this program.

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